Michelle Goldshlag

Patient progress for heart, home, and humanity.

Author: michelle

I grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY with three brothers and two sisters. Fortunately, we are all still close and actually enjoy spending time together. We are all married and currently have 10 kids between us, all ages 5 years and younger. My husband Jonah and I married in May of 2005 and resided in Northampton, MA until September of 2011 when we moved to Cambridge, MA. We have two children; Maris (3.5 years) and Hagen (10 months). Parenting, without a doubt, will be the most difficult job I ever have. Aside from parenting, I am an artist. Although my true passion lies in creating abstract collage pieces, I am finding new ways to express my creativity since I am currently without studio space. I have ventured into cooking/baking, jewelry making, and now creative writing. I am an athlete at heart and will always rely heavily on being fit and healthy in order to function. I am a coffee drinker; can't do without it! Most importantly, I am a Christian. My heart belongs to God and I am constantly striving to serve Him in all I do.

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